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Juliana Penaranda-Loftus (Director_Produ



Originally from Colombia, Juliana began her career working in television before moving to the U.S. to complete her Masters in film and video. In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, she traveled to Afghanistan to shoot, direct and produce her first documentary on behalf of Aid Afghanistan, an organization advocating for women's education. Since then Juliana produced 'Suicide Trip," "Wild 7," and "Kalamity" for BP Entertainment. In 2009, Juliana established her own production company, Hidden Village Films, which focuses on socially relevant films. In 2012, she was one of eight women invited by the American Film Institute (AFI) to participate in their Directing Workshop for Women.

She produced and co-directed "Landfill Harmonic," a feature doc released in 2016. The film was invited to over 300 film festivals worldwide and was licensed by HBO, Vimeo and Aljazeera. Juliana continues her freelance work while directing and producing her own films. Her new documentary "The Crossing," pulls back the curtain on Venezuela's escalating humanitarian crisis as it reaches a fever pitch.

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Twice Emmy nominated and with a doctorate in Anthropology from Cambridge University, Graham Townsley has been making films for twenty years.  After many years in the Amazon as an anthropologist, he has made ethnographic, historical films and scientific films for the BBC, PBS, National Geographic and many others.  He currently has three screenplays in development: “Singer,” based on the true stories of Jewish artists struggling to survive in 1930’s Berlin, “Woman, Love, Revolution,” set in the Mexican Revolution, the true story of a love affair between an American journalist and a Mexican revolutionary and “Casement,” the remarkable life and Times of the Irish Revolutionary, Roger Casement. Graham founded Shining Red in 2008.





Esteban has more than 15 years of experience in film and television editing. He has been editor of the feature films: El Resquicio by Alfonso Acosta (2012), Patas Arriba by Alejandro García Wiedemann (Venezuela-2011), Güelcom tu Colombia by Ricardo Coral (2015); and the documentaries: El Rastro de Camilo by Diego Briceño (2016), among others. He has recently worked for projects for Dynamo and Netflix. Partner of 16a13 Producciones, where he is the editor and director of his own projects.

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Christopher Mangum is an Emmy Award-winning film composer, producer, scholar, and international advocate for the arts.  He specializes in composing orchestral music for non-fiction film and television, and his music can be heard regularly on National Geographic Specials, Discovery Networks, and PBS; as well as in museum exhibits, national parks, and major public attractions around the world.

As an arts educator, Mr. Mangum was honored to be named the 2015 New York State Teacher of the Year, top finalist; and is recognized as an important emerging voice in STEAM education research. 

Chris holds a B.A. in classics from St. John's College’s “great books” program. in addition, he holds an M.A., Ed.M., and is currently a doctoral candidate in music and music education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Mangum received his formal training in music at the Juilliard School in New York.  Please visit for more details and samples of his work.




James is a director and writer known for “Suicide Trip," "Wild 7," and "Kalamity". 




Denise Grayson is a multi-disciplined actor/producer and attorney, and founder of Denise Grayson Productions, where feature films in development include Walter Mosley’s sexistential novel, KILLING JOHNNY FRY, and Rajiv Shah’s BLOOD AND THE RYE. Grayson starred in the Academy Award-winning feature THE SOCIAL NETWORK; her television work includes roles in Showtime’s Shameless, and in the Hallmark and the Lifetime films Pandemic, Though None Go with Me, Dark Desire, and Citizen Jane, to name a few.  CARRY TIGER TO MOUNTAIN, a short film which she produced and stars in, is currently on the festival circuit. She also produced the short films NASTY, starring Robert Forster, and HINDSIGHT, which she also stars in. Grayson starred in GASLINE, a short film that won the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. On stage, she most recently appeared in The Maltese Falcon, The Lady Eve, Casablanca, and in The Thin Man at Treepeople’s Once Upon a Canyon Night at the Mark Taper Amphitheater in Los Angeles. A former Wall Street lawyer, Grayson is a member of the Advisory Board of Celebration Theatre, and an acting coach.  She divides her time between New York and Los Angeles.




Belle is a former attorney whose passion is being an advocate for children and giving a voice to those unable to speak for themselves. She attended the University of Washington where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology. Belle then went on to earn her Juris Doctorate from Arizona State University. Belle spent seven years with the Maricopa County Attorney's office as a prosecutor who specialized in domestic violence, child abuse and child homicide cases. Although Belle is no longer a prosecutor, she continues her focus on child advocacy and social justice by contributing to projects such as "Landfill Harmonic" and "The Crossing".


Directed and Produced by

Juliana Peñaranda-Loftus


Executive Producer 

James M. Hausler


Executive Producers

Belle Murphy

Denise Grayson


Executive Producers

Jason Loftus

Juliana Peñaranda-Loftus


Edited by

Esteban Muñoz Bolaños


Cinematography by

Oscar Fonseca

Andrés Gutiérrez ADFC


Original Music

Christopher Mangum



Graham Townsley


Associate Producers

Patricia Artigas

Lucas Etchegaray


Additional Camera Operators

Jose Henry Salazar

Juliana Peñaranda-Loftus


Sound Recordists

Juanma López A.D.S.C

Luis Fernando Muñoz


Aerial Photography

Oscar Fonseca / OF Producciones S.A.S

Fabio Leal 

Arley Martínez 


Production Assistant & Researcher 

Paloma Duplat Santofimio



Omar Mogollón


Equipment Rental

OF Producciones S.A.S

Cinemarket equipos cinematográficos 


Grant writer

Tracie Holder


Additional project writers 

Luz Mariela Santofimio

Casey Cooper Johnson


Consulting Producer

Brian Newman


Story Consultants

Graham Townsley

Karen Everett

William Goldenberg



Traducciones Bogotá 



Paloma Duplat Santofimio


Additional Translations

Colombia Traduce


Post-Production Sound Studio

Sonata Films S.A.S


Studio Manager

Daniel “El Gato” Garcés Najar


Studio Coordinator 

Nancy Granada


Sound Design

Daniel “El Gato” Garcés Najar

Mauricio Moreno López


Dialogue Editor 

Mauricio Moreno López


Backgrounds and Sound Effects Editor

Jorge Andrés Torres Viveros


Sound Mix 2.0

Mauricio Moreno López


VO Recording

Paul Baldwin

Abbott Miller / AMP Studios 



Napat Nanasombat - Violin 

Nirutsa Usomboon - Violin 

Nitivadee Kaosard - Viola 

Roypim Thavornsuwan - Cello

Paul Cesarczyk - Guitar


Music Contractor

Waris Vasuphongsothon


Recorded at Vintage Studios, Bangkok, Thailand


Motion Graphics

Jorge Maldonado / Hyperactive Productions 


Digital Intermediate Color by 

2.35 Digital


Digital Colorist

Jose Espinosa



María Paula Navas

Daniel Castañeda


Digital Producer and Coordinator

Adriana Ángel


Trailer by

Nicholas Goodman / Mental Properties Productions 


Poster Design

Samuel Valdez / NUCL3AR 



Joshua Jason (JJPR)

Álvar Carretero de la Fuente

Mariana Méndez



Southwestern Law School 

Entertainment and The Arts Legal Clinic 



Orly Ravid

Anita Surendran 

Kathy Lombard



Haley Cohen

Sarah Schwarzman

Allyn Davidson

Alma Mills


Clearance Counsel

Donaldson + Callif LLP

Dale Nelson


Fiscal Sponsor 

Creative Visions Foundations

Amy Eldon Turteltaub

Kathy Eldon

Meghan Gallagher

Grace Breuer


Distribution Consultants

Brian Newman

Peter Broderick


Special Thanks to

Lyndon and Richard W. Hausler

James M. Hausler

Jason Loftus

Max and Mia Loftus

Nelly Villamizar de Peñaranda

Justo Peñaranda

Sonia Loftus

Belle Murphy

Jorge Maldonado

Gaby Arellano

David Pernía

Anyela Nathascha Pérez

Victor Bautista

William Villamizar Laguado

Estefanía Parra

Freider Gandica

Richard Branson 

Venezuela AID Live

Luisa Ortega Díaz 

Andelfo Villamizar

Sergio Peñaranda

Viviana Gómez

Judith Gómez

Villamizar Peñaranda Family

Andrea Lemus

Andrea Medina

Oscar René Rincón Castillo

Miriam Mogollón

Ana Karina Garcia

Carolina Cardona

Manuel Pinillos

William Goldenberg

Nicholas Goodman

Amy Eldon Turteltaub

Jon Turteltaub

David Bernstein

CJ Diegel 

Christy Kernes

Denise Grayson

Orly Ravid

Jeffrey Winter 

Veronica Jimenez-Vossoughi

Arash Vossoughi 

Jennifer Blalock

Alex Brahim

Carla Bustillos

Dr. Robert Hamilton 

Lighthouse Medical Mission 


Courtesy of 

OF Producciones S.A.S

Freider Gandica 

Getty Images / Washington DC


Additional Material By

CNN en Español / Venezuela Aid Live: Richard Branson

RTVC / Palacio de Justicia

Revista Semana / La muerte de Galán

Bolivar Films / Venezuela clips

El  Pitazo / Tvvzla / Guaidó desconoce a Maduro

La Bicicleta / Written by Carlos Vives & Shakira

Euronews / Maduro destituye a la fiscal general Luisa Ortega


"Special thanks to all the people who gave us their testimony, making this film possible"


From the Director

“Dedicated to my family, my Cúcuta and to Venezuela”


Copyright 2020 Hidden Village Films, LLC

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