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Teams we know and trust.


Hope For Venezuelan Refugees 

The Hope For Venezuelan Refugees is a humanitarian project created to help alleviate hunger affecting thousands of vulnerable Venezuelan refugees, migrants, walkers “caminantes,” and Colombian returnees on the Cúcuta-Pamplona route.  With the support and donation of Rise Against Hunger meals and locally produced commodities provided to existing food distribution centers and shelters, volunteers prepare, cook, and distribute meals to this migrant population. Additionally, PPE, hand washing stations, face masks, cleaning and disinfectant supplies are provided to help prevent the propagation of COVID-19.

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Fundación Centro Cultural Pilar De Brahim ‘El Pilar’ 

Fundación Centro Cultural Pilar de Brahim ‘El Pilar’ is a private non-profit organization that addresses the professionalization of the arts sector and the building of citizenship through arts and culture in the border territory between Norte de Santander, Colombia and Táchira, Venezuela. It deals with issues of identity, internationalization and productivity. 


Through public interventions, participative actions, exhibitions, education programs, ongoing investigation, artistic programming and museum management, El Pilar has demonstrated its role as a strongly engaged organization committed to social and territorial integration and development. 


It organizes Together Apart – International Meeting on Art, Thought and Borders in the framework of BIENALSUR in Cúcuta, the largest cultural and citizen participation experience in the history of the region.

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Fundación Juntos Se Puede

La Fundación Juntos Se Puede es una organización que ofrece servicios integrales a la población migrante venezolana y las comunidades de acogida en Colombia, permitiendo de esta manera que prevalezcan los derechos de nuestros conciudadanos, con la finalidad de hacer la reinserción efectiva en la sociedad de acogida, de la mano de rutas interinstitucionales para su contribución al desarrollo social y económico del país.


Lighthouse Medical Missions

Dr. Hamilton has been leading Lighthouse Medical Missions for more than ten years including trips to Sierra Leone, Gambia and Guatemala. In March 2020, he visited Cúcuta for the first time to attend to Venezuela's refugees with a team of 40 volunteer doctors, nurses and assistants. He plans
to lead more medical missions to Cúcuta.

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Vision Democratica Foundation

Vision Democratica Foundation is a 501C3 charitable organization for promotion of democracy and social and economic development for Venezuelans.  Through the Feed a Venezuelan Fund, Vision Democratica provides financial and capacity building support to local organizations in Venezuela and in neighboring countries like Colombia and Chile. They provide meals, hygiene and other services to migrants.

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